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February 12, 2008
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"Awh..." I moaned. It was incredibly hot, and it wasn't even full summer yet. I had braced myself, but being stuck at Mom's home really wasn't good--especially when the air conditioner broke. I stripped off to my underwear and a light t-shirt, and closed the door, turning my fan on the way. I could hear Nudge and Angel talking in the room beside mine.

"Max thinks about Fang a lot," Angel was saying excitedly. I raised my eyebrows and made a mental note: Lecture Angel about thought-peeking later on. "And Fang thinks about her, too. I reckon they're in love."

'Reckon'... I thought. Angel must've been reading the dictionary while in the bathroom again, I guessed. Then I processed what she had said. Me? Fang? In love? I stifled an irritated scream and pressed my ear closer to the wall.

"Yeah," Nudge agreed. "Like... can't you see how they look at each other? It's like, a romantic movie or something. You know, those who are pals-in-crime and then they get caught and they make out and..." I opened my eyes as wide as truck-tires as Nudge kept blabbing about.

I decided I had eavesdropped enough and plopped down--right on the wooden floor. I didn't care I was half naked. I just needed some miracle to cool the air... If I could convince the evil scientists in Itex to make a huge fan or something... Yeah, right. As if they weren't busy enough with... um... recombinant DNA? Grafting DNA into poor babies? I don't know... that kind of stuff.

"You hot?" I heard. I suddenly froze in place. Fang, I innerly complained.

"In which way?" I said playfully, jumping up and acting as if I wasn't hanging around in my underwear, poking him in his... oh no! Fang didn't have a shirt on... oops...

Some silence moments before, after seemed Fang to consider what to answer, he said, "Both."

I raised my eyebrows. "Ha-ha-ha. Very funny, Mr. Jokester."

A quick smile crossed his face, so fast I thought I had really imagined it. It wouldn't be a surprise, this heat could easily make you see Gummi Bears floating around.

"Not kidding," he said. Jeezum. What would take him to utter a complete sen-- Wait a minute. He wasn't kidding?

"So... what are you up to?" I asked, trying to change the subject and moving around one of Ella and Mom's guest rooms.

"Not much. Iggy and Gazzy are outside blowing up the woods. Nudge and Angel are... talking." Had he heard them? I was scared. As in, nervous. You know, guys, Maximum Ride never gets scared! "Only you left."

I crossed my arms in front of my chest. "So I'm the last option? Comforting, huh?"

"Some prefer to save the best for last." He simply said.

I stood there in awe watching him approach slowly, gracefully. He grabbed my face and kissed me--right on the lips. This counted three times. I was getting addicted to him. Wait. Ignore that sentence.

As it happened the second time we kissed, the lack of oxygen forced us to break apart, gasping. It was a funny scene. It turned even funnier when I saw a small gleam in his dark eyes as he mouthed out, "Love you."

Alright, this was totally unreal. Totally un-Fang-like. I was like wishing to wake up from a dream. Would someone please pinch my arm? Thanks in advance.

As he leaned in to kiss me again, I feared my leader state. "Wait," I said, his mouth inches away from mine. My heart was beating fast and I was still light-headed, so I couldn't think straight. I forgot what I was going to say, so I added, "Love you too." Before he kissed me again.

You know, guys, summer heat kind of plays advantage sometimes.

Yup, I so couldn't resist making a Fax (Fang + Max) Fanfic. Um... for those of you who haven't read it, you have two options: a) critique just for the heck of it (like, for the writing--even though you don't know who the characters are & such) or b) back off XD. No, just kidding. Option A is more suitable, ne?

Alright, it takes place at Valencia and Ella Martinez's house, in Arizona, after the third book. Sorry if it's completely and utterly pointless, but I felt like writing Fax fluff.

This is dedicated to two super-duper-mega important peepz in my life:

- My bestie ~pilirocker (who I am oddly dedicating everything to her these days :P )
- My iSister ~Solitaia (who has helped me, chatted over MSN... *adoration* )
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wow this is sooo cool when i first started reading it i thought it was like an excerpt from the book but this is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ummm... how do i read it/ how do i get to it?
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